Welcome To The Stitcher's Garden

In 2013, we celebrate our 25th year serving the Albuquerque cross stitching community. It's hard to believe that it all started back in 1988 when three ladies got together and decided that Albuquerque just didn't have the kind of cross stitch shop they were looking for. The ladies, Laurie Redel, Barb DeSpain and Barb Gleszer embarked on a journey that continues to this day, 25 years later.

And so much has changed ... first starting out in a little garage shop just off Menaul, behind the used book store west of Eubank, then moving to their first 'storefront shop' on San Pedro (in Butterfield Plaza) and finally here in the Eastdale Shopping Center for the last 12 years. Quite a long and exciting journey, and a big thank you to all those who have supported us and who we've had the privilege of serving. Thank You!

We love counted cross stitch!

Here at the Stitcher's Garden we just do counted cross stitch. This is our true love. The endless number of patterns and designers - with new ones being created daily, the colorful fibers, the beautiful fabrics. An amazing variety to keep us coming back for more ... one year, two years, five years, a decade, a lifetime.

We also provide end-to-end service, beginning with selecting your pattern/fibers/fabric and ending with the finishing of ornaments, pillows, wall hangings, boxes or the framing of your cross stitch treasures.

 If this is your first time with us, welcome, come in, let us share some stitching stories. If you have been away for a while, consider dropping back in.

... And we love the southwest designs!

albuquerque cross stitch and embroideryNot only do we love counted cross stitch, but we absolutely love the local southwest cross stitch designs. When it comes to the southwest, it's cactus, coyotes and Kokopelli! For the largest selection of southwest patterns in Albuquerque, you must make a trip into The Stitcher's Garden! See you soon ...

So what is counted cross stitch?

In a nutshell, counted cross stitch is one form of counted thread embroidery. Actually there's a lot to this simple description and feel free to jump ahead if this gets a bit tedious. So, think of embroidery as coming in two flavors, 'counted thread' and 'free', simply indicating whether or not the stitcher is actually counting threads before inserting the next stitch. And, cross stitch is just one of eight forms of counted thread embroidery, with the others being: Assisi, Bargello (or Florentine), Blackwork, Canvas Work, Hardanger, Needlepoint and Drawn Thread Work. Whew! Occasionally, we will hold a class or two in these other styles of counted thread embroidery, but as you probably know by now, we love counted cross stitch!

 Getting Started

We love counted cross stitch, and meeting new stitchers! Getting started in counted cross stitch is amazingly easy (and quite inexpensive)! We have never found anyone too young or too old to learn and enjoy the rewarding art of counted cross stitch. In less than a half hour, you can be well on your way in your first project

The best way to get started is to just come in. Come in, come in, come in. It's that simple. We will talk a bit. Together we can find a beginning level project that catches your eye. We will sit down in a one-on-one informal class and get you started ... and voila! ... your are on your way! Did we mention that you have to come in?

See you soon, and thanks so much Albuquerque!

Laurie, and all the staff at the Stitcher's Garden.

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